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Air conditioning/Dehumidifiers

All air conditioning and refrigeration units can suffer from dust, grease and dirt build up on the outdoor and indoor unit. This build up can happen over a period of years or even months in certain environments which can prevent them from working properly and even cause long-term damage to some of the vital parts of the system. That’s why you need to prevent this build up from occurring or you’ll need repairs and replacements for your system.

We have many maintenance contracts around the Leicester and Lincolnshire area where we visit the sites once every 6 months or once a year, depending on the environment, and service the units to keep them running at their most efficient.

Something as simple as a blocked outdoor coil can make a refrigeration system work 23% harder, making it more expensive to run, and shortening its life span.

We use a specialized alkali water based coil cleaner to flush out dirt, grease and bacteria from your units. Our cleaners are completely biodegradable and ozone friendly.

Here is a good example of a coil which hasn’t had filters or maintenance on one half over a long period of time and the other half has been well maintained and serviced.

Blocked filters and coils along with having a shortage of gas in the system can often lead to frosting up on coils creating further problems.

In extreme cases:

Air Handling Units

We also carry out maintenance of Air Handling Units (AHUs). These often include changing Filters and V-Belts. As with air conditioning systems, a blocked filter or fan motor being clogged with dirt can lead to various air flow problems and make any unit inefficient and more power consuming.

Different units have different filter types and sizes depending on their application. For example, Lab Air handling Units tend to have more filtration systems in place from "Hepa Filters" to normal "Bag Filters" and "Glass Panel" filters. We can supply or fit any of these at the customer's request.

Air Handling System with Pleated Panel Filters:

Air Handling units have coils much like air conditioning units as shown above. So it is important to keep these clean by having the filters changed on a regular basis. Also, the belts wear down quite easily and can snap causing the whole system to fail if left unchecked.

For Example:

  V-Belt on an Air Handling Unit before maintenance was carried out

 V-Belt on an Air Handling Unit after maintenance was carried out 


As with everything else, Dehumidifiers get allot of dirt build up and need the Water Cylinders changing on them from time to time. This maintenance varies on how often it is required due to the use of the units and the hardness of the water used in them.

Here is an example of a bottle that wasn't changed for a couple of years:

And this is what the new, clean, replacement bottle looked like:

Obviously, if they are left unchanged then the dirt build up will cause damage to the Humidifier itself. Also, the water which is boiled off and pumped into the air will be full of the germs and dirt which has built up inside the bottle itself.

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