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GRAC Projects

During our 7 years of business, we have completed over 300 new installs including Refrigerated Coldrooms, Beer Cellar Coolers, Ducted Systems and Air Conditioning units.

Below are some examples of our work.

Under Ceiling Cassettes Install in a school environment:

Suspending Ceiling Unit


Finished Indoor Unit

 Preparing Condensing Units (outdoor units)

 Finished Condensing Units

Large Ducted Unit Install at Health Hydro:


Removing old Unit


Preparing new unit for crane lift


Lowing new unit into place


Finished unit once re-connected onto ductwork

Fast Fit Foster Coldroom for Butcher Shop:


Bolting together floor pieces

 Securing ceiling panels


Finishing touches on indoor layout


Installing remote condenser outside to help get rid of heat from unit components (more efficient than having sealed unit inside)

Residential Install. Unit In Bedroom and Living Room. Condensers installed neatly out of the way in concealed part of garden:

Floor Mounted indoor Daikin Unit

 Condensing units mounted on wall of house

Protective rails installed to prevent vehicles damaging condensing unit in area with HGVs:

Installing the rails


Finished look 

Installation of protective cages to prevent vandalism:


For use with larger twin fan units

 For install on single fan units on there own or doubled up together

Other Air Conditioning Installs we have undertaken:

 Under Ceiling Cassette unit in Function room

 Condensing unit placed at back of building for best aesthetics

Two Under Ceiling Cassettes in Farm Shop

 Condensing units at back of building up out the way of pedestrians

 Two Cassette units in small newsagent shop

 Condensing units mounted behind fencing out the way

 Wall mounted A/C unit with trunking to hide pipework neatly

Condensing unit being placed at high level in factory area
out the way of fork lifts etc 

 Mounting brackets for 6 large condensing units

 Condensing units mounted

 New installed cassette

 Checking operation of a new installed Round flow cassette

Other Installs including Beer Cellar Coolers, Coldroom units and Ducted Units:

 Beer Cellar Cooler installed in Cellar of restaurant/pub

 Ducted A/C unit mounted to supply kitchen area next door

Removing old Coldroom Evaporator on decommissioned system


Installed new evaporator for new coldroom unit


Installing New Coldroom Condensing Unit 

 Installing New Coldroom Condensing Unit

 Installing New Condensing Unit Cover

Installing New Coldroom Evaporator Unit


Changing Parts on Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems:

Changing Condenser coil on A/C system


 Replacing concealed Pump on A/C system

 Replacing door seals on refrigeration units

 Replacing Compressor on A/C system

Reclaiming Large and Small units:

Reclaiming Refrigerant from a small old A/C system



Reclaiming Refrigerant from a very large old Chiller system