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Air Conditioning Installations

Here at GRAC we are devoted to providing the ideal solutions for your cooling and heating needs. Please don't hesitate to contact us for information on any of the installation services listed below.

Air conditioning is commonly found now in all areas of our lives, be it setting the environment in your living room, kitchen, conservatory or bedroom, or even in your office or shop.

With more advances happening all the time, we can now offer you a more cost effective unit which is more environmentally friendly than ever before, providing heating and cooling, creating the climate you desire.

There are many different indoor units designed to meet your needs with different positioning and design. All of the units we offer are available as Heat Pump Inverters (Air Source Heat Pumps). Here are a few examples of some different Daikin models:

Wall Mounted Indoor Unit (FTXS Heating & Cooling) 

Wall Mounted Emura Indoor Unit (FTXG Heating & Cooling)

New Rounded Ceiling Cassette
360 Degree All Round Blow Indoor Unit
(FCQ Heating & Cooling)

 Suspended Under Ceiling Indoor Unit
(FUQ Heating & Cooling) 


 Ceiling Suspended Indoor Unit (FHQ Heating & Cooling)

Concealed Ducted Indoor Unit (FBQ Heating & Cooling)

Wall or Ceiling Mounted Indoor Unit
(Flexi FLXS Heating & Cooling)

 New Floor Standing Unit (FVQ-B Heating and Cooling)

Floor Mounted Indoor Unit (FVXS Heating & Cooling)

Stylish Floor Standing Cased - Nexura (FVXG Heating & Cooling)

The Condensing units (outdoor units) are the larger part of the system which can be mounted anywhere outside on the floor, on flat roofs or up on solid walls where good fixings are available.



Single Fan Condensing Units for smaller A/C systems
from 2Kw to 7

 Twin Fan Condensing Units are for larger systems
from 10Kw to 14Kw

All units come with a standard controller depending on the model and make of the system. Sometimes there is however options which can be discussed if you have a preference on what kind you would like (hard wired wall mounted/ wireless hand held remote). A lot of system do have an option to change the factory set type of controller at the customers request.

Below are a few examples of what some of the controllers can look like:


By choice, we usually quote to install Daikin air conditioning units because of there high standard of performance and reliability. They are one of the leading manufacturers in air conditioning units on the market. We can however offer a wide variety of brands and will happily provide quotes to suit the customers needs

All new Daikin units are Inverters which means that they are more energy efficient and help create a more controlled atmosphere than conventional units.

 There is a growing concern for the environment in our industry and so we install air conditioning systems which including R-410A which is an ozone friendly refrigerant.

 In keeping with future legislation and helping to reduce the environmental impact of air conditioning, we are now offering systems which include R32 refrigerant which is the latest and most environmentally friendly refrigerant currently in use within the industry which has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 675 (compared to that of the old R22 which was 1910)

All new Daikin units are Inverters which means that they are more energy efficient and help create a more controlled atmosphere than conventional units.

 Older non-inverter units use 100% startup energy even if the unit doesn't require full capacity cooling whereas Inverter units have a soft start where they gently ramp the power up if and where required. Due to this design, the units are 30% more efficient meaning that they are cheaper to run.

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