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Refrigeration Products

Below is a list of the products we offer, but please visit our sales website for a better look at some of the units

If your in need of refrigeration units for your kitchen or home then we can find the right product to suit your needs.

We are registered dealers of Foster Refrigeration equipment for the Lincolnshire area, so we can provide you with any product that you may require from them.

Also we are a supplier of Refrigerated Display products. There is a list of some of the units that we can provide at

Please contact us for further information on sizes and discounted prices on any units you may require.

Some of the units we supply include:

Bakery Refrigerators - Fosters

Beer Cellar Coolers - Qualitair

Blast Chillers - Fosters - Interlevin

Bottle Coolers - Interlevin - Autonumis


Drinks Machines - Interlevin - Autonumis

Coldrooms - Fosters - Interlevin

Freezers (various designs) - Fosters - Interlevin

Ice Machines - Fosters - Hoshizaki - Interlevin

Refrigerated Display Units - Fosters - Interlevin - Autonumis

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerators (various designs) - Fosters - Interlevin

Multideck Display Chillers - Interlevin

Serve Over Counters - Interlevin

Water Coolers - Fosters

For more information on the foster range, visit their website at

The products listed above are not the only systems that we supply, we deal with many other manufacturers of refrigeration equipment so if you have any other refrigeration units that you require, then please contact us and we will do our best to help.


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