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We can order a variety of coldroom designs to suit you, with specified shelving, sizes and layout. We can also provide sliding, or hinged doors to suit the space in your kitchen or refrigerated area.

Units can be provided and installed for any of your requirements.

We also offer a fast-fit range which come in standard sizes with optional extras. These can be assembled easier than having a standard coldroom fitted and so this keeps your business disruption to an absolute minimum.

Fast Fit Coldroom Range Other Coldroom Designs 

If you already have an older coldroom which needs replacing, then there are several options which allow you to keep your holding room/ coldroom shell and for a new system to be retro-fitted into it.
Below are a couple of unit types which can be fitted into a pre-built room.

Monoblock style packaged unit. A hole is cut through the coldroom wall (ceiling version also available) and then the unit is mounted through the hole.  

Split style system (indoor and outdoor units with pipework between) 

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