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Mobile Air Conditioning

In certain circumstances where temporary cooling is required or where a permanent unit is not suitable, we offer mobile air conditioning units for sale or to hire at a variety of prices to suit your needs.

There are two types of units, these are Split or Ducted units. Both come in a variety of duty sizes and designs.

The Ducted system consists of an indoor unit and a 4 inch flexible hose which dispels the heat out of a window or door as shown below. These can be put in permanently with the flexible hose being drilled through a wall if required.

Amcore PLMB unit
3.3 Kw

Fral Supercool unit
4 Kw


Amcor single AMC10000E
3.5 Kw



 Split units consist of an indoor and outdoor unit, connected by an umbilical line which can be disconnected for easy installation. The umbilical cord simply needs to be place through an open window and the outdoor unit mounted on the window ledge, wall or nearby flat roof.

Amcor split AMC15000

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